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Friday, November 8, 2013

Stuffy, Sluggish and Sleepy

Boy today has just been a day.....I have been stuffy, sluggish and sleepy.  My head hurts, my sinuses hurt, my ears hurt and one or the other side of my nose is stopped I have literally done nothing except scroll through pages and pages and pages of Pinterest, checked e-mail, looked at FaceBook posts and been a real bump on a log.  Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment (yes on Saturday....I was surprised too).  I called to see if I could get in today for this earache, but it wasn't to be.....none of the doctors at our clinic had any openings, so when they offered me an appointment for tomorrow morning, I jumped on it.

I should have seen this cold, sinus infection, what ever it is coming....I was stressed over my news and the weather has changed, barometric pressure's dropped and mold, rag weed etc. are high....I'm hearing this crud is going around......Just wished I hadn't contracted it a week or two after my diagnosis and a week before my surgery....cause stress does not make for good recovery.....

Did you just hear that?  It was me I'm going to get off this computer and go plop myself down in front of the boob tube (no pun intended!) and see if there is anything worth watching.

Tomorrow's our community Arts and Crafts Show and I'll report back on anything I see that might involve exercise or getting fit (????) and I'll tell you what the doc tells me about all this stuffy, sluggish, sleepy thingy I have going on!  

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