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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Glow Little Glow Worm!


Well I got that procedure over with!  

So I walk in and this very nice guy calls us into an office and starts to explain exactly what is going to happen....4 shots of nuclear blue dye will be injected by needle into my breast around the nipple.......

Me-- "OK, that's after you numb my breast right?"

Him-- "NO...we've found that the numbing solution does not let tissues absorb and move the dye they way it needs to move to get to where it needs to go....the Sentenal Node".

Me-- (as my eyes widen like saucers) "Are you serious!?"

Him-- "Yep"

Anyway, I calm myself....after all I have my Big Girl Panties on...I can get through the agony of hot grease falling on my toes, the pain of my torn Achilles Tendon, the removal of the drain tube from my axillary under my arm (on the last breast cancer), the burning pain of having Shingles...all flashes through my mind.  I got through those, I can get through this.  He prepped me and then called the radiologist to tell him I was ready.  The young radiologist came in and asked if I understood what he was going to do.  I said yes.  He looked at me very seriously and said "I am not going to lie to you....these are going to burn.....A LOT!"  "You can punch me if you want to afterwards, just don't punch me while I'm putting the needles in".  He said some people take it in stride, some say it really really hurts, and some scream out....."feel free to scream if you need to"...

OK....this is number 1......not much more than the stick when they draw blood....OK I can handle this...

OK...this is number 2.......oh wait number one is starting to burn...                                       
OK...this is number 3.....holy o moly.....1 & 2 are burnnnnning  ...and now 3 is burning too...'re doing great, last one.....there you go....are you OK?

 Yehhhhhhh.....fine!!!  Super....Juuuuuust Great!

  My breast feels like someone opened the gates....and it wasn't the pearly ones!   
 Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration....but it really was burning.....uhhhh mama!

So now it has to be massaged (by me!) for 5 minutes to get the dye to start moving and then I get to walk up and down the corridor for 10 minutes....which felt like 20 minutes (oh well, guess I got my walk in for the day)  

By the time I finished walking, the burning had subsided....thank goodness.

Now I get to go in and  get my glamor shots....put your hands here, turn your head this way, click click.....and you can see the hot spot where they injected the dye and you can see how it's traveled to the Sentenal Node......and then they mark the spot (where that first Node is) with a lovely body maker  right where it is they put a big fat the surgeon knows just where to go in the morning.  That sounds good to me....let's not cut away any more tissue than we have to.

So that's about how my afternoon went.....

Rest assured we won't have to have any night light on in the bedroom tonight.....cause the guy in radiology said I'll be glowing all night!!!   

I'll be leaving here about 5:30 in the I probably won't be writing much before I go....but I should be back home tomorrow afternoon and If I'm not completely zonked, I'll let you know how I'm doing...

I can do this....with all the warm thoughts and vibes I'm getting, I will be fine!

 I am ever so thankful I had John right there with me today...he'll be right there when I wake up in the recovery room tomorrow...and there's no doubt in my mind, he'll be the best nurse I could have when I get home and when I start my treatments.  With him I'm not afraid, with him I am confident I can get through this.....that means the world to me....he means the world to me!!

 Glow Little Glow Worm Glow!

 One day closer to recovery.....See you tomorrow.....I better get some sleep...5:00 comes early!


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