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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not a happy little camper....


Wednesday, November 13, 2013   (9:30 AM - CDT)

  Sitting here waiting for my phone to ring....waiting for a call from the PA working with my surgeon so she can help me decide if I need to postpone my surgery. Although I am feeling much better I am still having a "productive" cough (sorry that was as polite a way as I could think to say it) and I am concerned that I probably do not need to be coughing after surgery or have signs of this dang viral head cold when I'm about to receive anesthesia.
 I am not a happy little camper right now

I thought I was on the mend....I am on the mend........yesterday I was all set to go.....gearing up for Thursday and Friday.........but this morning I think perhaps I am just not quite there yet and now that I'm coughing more, my gut is telling me to wait. I'll just see what the PA says when she calls.

So as soon as I get the call , I'll do another post and let you know what's happening.....or not happening

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