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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh Easter Peeps....I slipped up......

pouting is so necessary sometimes.  Oh poop....after all my good advise yesterday.  I got my turkey veggie paddy and green tea ready to take to a family gathering, knowing full well there was going to be a veggie platter and a fruit I was good to go. I could handle the gathering, enjoy my family, and eat healthy.  But on the way to San Antonio....we stopped at a Krispy Kreme donut shop!!!!  You know Krispy Kreme where when you walk in they hand you a hot "sample donut" right off the line. OK Peggy be strong...take the offered donut and give it to John and just have a cup of coffee....oh maybe just one little bite of that warm round wad of sweet grease....oh my it just melts in your mouth....ooops....crud I ate the whole thing before we even got to the table! (OK  could you just cover your ears and eyes and pretend I didn't just say that!)  But I admit it.  I did eat it. It happened so quick it scared me.  I tried to eat healthy the rest of the day...but that dang donut is haunting me.  OK...let it go...I can't change the fact that I ate it.  I can only take some extra steps, burn some extra calories and move on. Those were my wise words to you yesterday and I am going to take my own wise words.  I got up and walk for an hour and a half on this glorious Easter Sunday and I've eaten healthy today.  Tomorrow I'll take my Core-Cyle/Cardio Fit classes and really work at burning off the calories.

It's been an absolutely wonderful beautiful day in paradise.  I'm sitting at the computer with my core engaged, sitting with perfect posture and hoping that each of you are having a gorgeous healthy day.
.  No matter if you slipped up yesterday or today....Don't lose hope....the butterfly in you knows you can do it!

LOVE THIS ! Today is going to be awesome.   I'M going to be awesome.  My awesomeness begins right now.I love this picture....No matter how slow it seems to be going....Congratulate yourself that you are trying....that you are making an effort to get fit and healthy. Stand in front of a mirror...hold up your "guns", smile and say.....I can do this and nothing is going to stop me!  I may stumble along the way, but I'm going to get up and start over and keep on going.

I'm cheering for you.  Send me an e-mail and I'll send you some personal motivation!


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