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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Boo Hoo....poor pitiful me....Wrong!!!

Dec. 22, 2013

Tired MinnieOh much for not getting tired on the days I don't have radiation....someone got their stories wrong!  Yesterday right after I published my post saying I didn't think I'd get tired....I had a real melt down...of is somewhat better, but I'm still tired.  So as to the radiation and as to getting fit and staying fit ....the question are:

1.  Do we stop moving because we grow old or do we grow old because we stop moving?

2.  Do we get tired from the radiation....or do we get tired because we stop moving?

3.  Do we gain weight because we eat too much or because we stop moving....or a little bit of both?

To #1 I say we grow old because we stop moving.

To #2 I say we get tired because we stop moving (and perhaps a little because of the side effect of radiation....but mainly because we stop moving).

To#3 I say we gain weight because we eat too much of the wrong things and because we stop moving....

My body is not happy with me right now....not because I have breast cancer, not because I am having radiation....but because I've stopped moving....

Could someone please come over here and kick me in the rear end....and tell me to get back in the fitness game....get back to a life of eating healthy....back into life.....I know I need to take it easy but really people .....cancer and radiation are not valid excuses....I'm sorry....

People like this tell me by their actions that there are really no real excuses...

1st female amputee to finish Ironman Championship

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