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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hi all.....well I've been a little off track this past week...but I'm back and I'll be at my core/cycle/cardio fit classes tomorrow.  I tried to get in some exerecise while we were away.  I brought my bands with me and I did some pilates and balance that kind of helped me get by.  When we got back into town, we went to the gym and our bodies welcomed that familiarity of the equipment and exercise. If someone would have said to me 9 months ago, you'll reach a point when going to the gym or a fitness class will become so much of your routine, you'll miss it when you are away and can't get to the gym or exercise....I probably would have smiled politely and said uh huh....all the while thinking yeh...right!  Who are you kidding. But over the last 9 months that's exactly what has happened.  Who would have ever thought that a 63 year old body that never had much exercise except walking outside or on a treadmill would get used to and yes yearn for a good workout 5-6 days a week.
My body loves it....craves it.....thrives on it.  And yours can to...honest!  Think about these words:
It is possible. Nothing is impossible.  If you think you can't exercise or go to a gym.  Think again.  It won't happen overnight. It will take determination and will power.  It will hurt at first.  But start slow, challenge yourself, do a little more each day (even if it's just 1 minute more) and in 21 days, you will be amazed at how much more energy you have and how your body and mind will love you for your positive attitude and effort. 

On "The Biggest Loser" this season....the theme is NO EXCUSES.  Let's make that our theme too.  Don't think of an excuse why you can't workout or go for that walk.  Think of all the benefits you will gain from getting started and continuing down the road to a new, improved, healthier you.

More to come.  Get off that couch and take a walk....or stand on one foot for 30 seconds to strengthen your core and build your balance.  You can do it....NO EXCUSES!

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