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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yikes!!!!! Oweee Oweee Oweee!

   Yeh, well if only that was the part of me that felt that sunburned....

Uhhhhh they told me this day would come and it has....major burning
and stinging you know where!

Yep right there....this must be like having a baby....How come I totally forgot this pain from 12 years ago?  It's like the kind of sunburn you don't want to have anything touching....but believe me I don't think my Bunco group tonight would like me to come to Bunco sans clothes!!!!

I think maybe it might be a blessing that it is so cold outside, because I bet if the sun were out (well it is out) but if it were out and very hot, I'd be wait...I am miserable!!!

So on the brighter side, today was treatment 14...only 6 more to go.  Tomorrow is a regular treatment, then they will take X-rays and remark me for the last 5 treatments which will be "pinpoint" treatments.  That is a sub-surface (not as penetrating) radiation only into the actual pinpoint spot where they removed the tumor.  So hopefully that won't burn my whole breast like these other treatments are doing.

Wow....sorry for all this complaining.... but it really hurts!!  OK wait, let me compare this to something that really really the time I dropped hot grease on my bare foot, or the time I had shingles, or any number of things that really really really hurt....there now, this doesn't seem so bad!

I forgot to be grateful....that I didn't have to do chemo, that I was able to have a lumpectomy, that I have a beautiful home, food in my pantry/refrigerator, heat and air conditioning when I need either, a man that loves me dearly and a God that is good all the time...

I think I'll go lay down and let the Tylenol kick in.

Happier notes coming....I promise  

Oh yeh, I almost forgot I went to have my teeth cleaned this morning and the dentist said my teeth are in great shape

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