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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sunshine from out of the gray clouds....passing it forward

Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014

Well today was treatment number I only have 4 more treatments to go.  Today's treatment was special for a couple of because it was just a "pin-point" treatment and just took not even to the count of others were to the count of 30, then a swoosh sound (I'll explain, I lay down with my arms up in stirrups (do you call them stirrups when they are for your arms and not your legs????) and they fold back the pillow case that has been covering my bare chest to reveal the right side...and they say "here we go"......the machine clicks and the buzz starts...and I start counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, it buzzes (depending on how slow or fast I am counting that day) to just about 30 and then the machine makes a swooshing sound like water moving in it and it buzzes again to the count of 4.  Then the whole machine moves over me and to the other side to point the beam up under my breast.  The click buzz to the count of 30 and the swoosh and buzz to the count of 4 goes was just to the one spot where the tumor was, buzz, count to about 39...done.  That's how the next 4 treatments will go.

The second reason for the treatment being special is really the most important happened before the treatment, in the lobby before I was called in.  A woman (named Sue) approached me.  I had seen her at my treatments....she always followed me (next patient) and she always had on a cute brown wig (I remember those days from my first round with breast cancer in 2002).  I remember being treated in San Antonio in the summer and it was so hot, I finally just gave up on the wigs and went around with my bald head.  I figured if anyone had a problem with it, it was their problem.

Sue told me she had seem my short short hair and that I always had a big smile on my face....I guess I never think of myself that way (although I have been told in the past that my smile is one of my best features) I guess I will wear it more often.....She said my hair and smile had inspired her and this morning she had ditched the wig and just came natural.  Her short hair was darling! 

So I guess I will keep my short hair.  I learned to love it when my first round of cancer in 2002 and over the years my hair has been longer, but I always go back to this cut.  I think it reminds me that I am a fighter and I am a survivor.  It's foggy today but this beautiful woman (Sue) brought sunshine to my day!

I gave her one of my business cards (that I made up for some painting jobs I'd done) and told her to e-mail me if she just felt like chatting.  I hope she does.  I think family and friends are always there for you and try to help as best they you support, rides, suggestions for brightening your spirits.  But it's not like talking to someone who knows what you are going through, knows what your fears are, knows how sometimes you just need to talk or vent (even if it's not about the cancer or the treatment)

I am a firm (dyed in the wool) believer that things happen for a reason and people come into our lives or cross our paths for a purpose. Sue and I (at least with this breast cancer) are on the same page....and something tells me that cancer may have brought a new friend into my life.

I'm glad I met you Sue....and I'm thrilled that I could be an inspiration to you....thanks for giving that inspiration right back!

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