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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Although I have all the time in the world as I recover from my Achilles Tendon surgery to write in all three of my blogs, I sometimes spend a great deal of time writing in one blog and find that the things I said in it are many of the things I wanted to say in one of the other blogs....such is the case today.  I wrote in my Achilles Tendon Recovery Support Group Blog many of the thoughts I probably would have written in this Fit At 99 blog.  And although what I've written is not words of encouragement and motivation for you....which I know is what this blog is suppose to be, I want you to know that in some way I hope it does motivate you in your own personal struggle. Weight loss and getting fit and healthy ......and more importantly keeping the weight off and maintaining the fitness and healthiness is an ongoing day to day process and what is happening in our lives most certainly does affect how successful we are with those struggles.  Before you read that blog, please know that even though I said what I said in that latest post, I am determine to be back in the game, maybe not soon, but at some point and I'm going to work on whatever it takes to get me back where I was, happy, healthy, weight under control, fit, vibrant and being an inspiration to you.  So please read and enjoy and feel free to comment, make suggestions, and come back soon.  I'll have a more cheerful motivational post here soon! :)  

The blog you need to go to is

P. S. I seem to be having trouble getting comments on this blog (and maybe no one is commenting???) if you leave a comment, would you also send it to so I can try to resolve the problem if there is one.  Thanks.

Oh and if you know of any other great motivational fitness/weightloss blogs for seniors and anyone for that matter, please pass them on to me at the above e-mail address.  Thanks !  Keep on keeping on..

To Health, Fitness and a Healthy Weight!

For lunch I'm having a small bowl of steamed veggies and a small bowl of fresh fruit! :)

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