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Friday, March 10, 2017

You haven't heard the last of me.......

Here we are 10 days into March, 2017.  How did that happen? I used to hear the older you get the quicker time passes by and oh it is soooooo true.  So we simply can't waste time in our effort to get and stay fit. The longer you hesitate to take that first little step, the harder it gets.   I was chatting on Facebook with my friend Peggy Ann, both of us agreeing that we've let our "ever older" bodies gather moss as it slowly rolls down the hill of aging.  And we both agreed to that we feel like we've been out of the saddle too long and it's high time we climbed back on that horse and get serious once again. 

And yes we are giving ourselves credit for that....and you should too!  Half the battle is to never give up.  Sometimes we do great and the marathon is on....and sometimes we get complaisant and start legging behind. But the secret is to get up off the couch and once again, put one foot in front of the next and move forward.  We just have to keep trying, keep moving, keep restarting.  Of course the way to keep from having to keep restarting, is to NOT STOP.  But we did...and we just have to not beat ourselves up. We have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and vow that this time, we'll be more disciplined, more determined, more dedicated.

This morning, at the gym, when I was doing (or I should say, trying to do) my 1-leg stands and exercises on a BOSU ball, a song came on my iPod that I love.  It has so much meaning.  When I am "again" getting back in my groove, when I'm beginning to feel alive again, beginning to have people at the gym tell me they see some improvement in the way my clothes fit and in my attitude (EVEN IF THE SCALE JUST LAYS ON THE FLOOR AND BLATANTLY LIES TO ME!), this song pulls me through, this song makes me want to not give up.  This song makes me determined.  Because Cher had it so right..........You haven't seen the last of me!

And then as I progress on into my exercise, and when whichever leg I am on is shaking and I am reminding myself to "engage my core" to give me more balance...and reminding myself that I can get back to where I was....and I will get back up again....I listen to this song by R. Kelly and as he says...
"If I can see it, then I can be it.  If I just believe it......I believe I can fly!

If you're hesitating, make this be the day you walk 5 minutes, or walk around the block once, or do 10 squats. Make this the day you say.....(no make this the day you scream) "THIS IS NOT THE END OF MY STORY!" Make this the day you see a vision of what you want to be, a vision of what you want to look like......take that first step.....BELIEVE.....THE BODY ACHIEVES WHAT THE MIND BELIEVES.

Here take my hand....I'll walk that first time around the block with you.  It doesn't matter how slow you go, whatever you do, you're way outrunning anyone sitting on the couch.

Come on, together we can do this.  I know Peggy Ann agrees with me!

To your health and fitness,

Warm hugs,

Peggy Lee    
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