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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Take a compliment....Give a compliment

Pinned ImageI guess my hard work is finally beginning to pay off.  On more than one occasion at the gym and at other places (i.e. the grocery store!), I've had other women stop me and ask me how I got my legs so toned and muscular.....or just to tell me..."wow you have killer legs". 

I've got to tell you, that is real encouragement to me!  I try to graciously accept the compliment without blushing or gushing.  And I explain what it's taken to get to this point in my quest for a fit body.  It's been lots of hard work and time at the gym or in fitness classes almost every day of the week
The compliments mean so I try to return them as often as I can.  If I see someone in the gym that is doing something I can't even begin to do, I always go up and tell them what a great job they are doing and ask what it takes to be able to get to a point where I can do that stretch or bend or exercise.

Compliments are great encouragement.  You have to be your own cheerleader most of the time in this struggle to get the weight off, keep it off and get your body fit. So when someone else recognizes the change in you and appreciates the hard work it takes to get there, that's a real bonus.

So accept compliments graciously; use them to fuel your routine; use them to set new goals; use them to feel proud of how far you've come.  But be sure to pay it forward and give someone else a compliment too. And it doesn't have to just be about weight loss.  Don't be afraid to tell someone they have beautiful eyes or really cute kids....

Everyone loves a compliment!Pinned Image

There is simply nothing more rewarding when you're on "this journey" then for someone to say "Wow!  You look great.  You've really lost weight."  or "Wow!  You've got killer legs"!  Especially when you're only 14 weeks away from turning 64 :)

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